Student Style

Originally written: 17th October 2011

Clockwise from top: Duffle coat, Topshop; wool mix shorts, Gap; cardigan and lace skirt, H&M; quilted jacket and gloves, H&M (scarf- birthday gift, River Island); faux-suede leggings, H&M; leather boots, Office; scarf, H&M; glitter heels, New Look. Phew. (missing is an H&M dress I couldn’t get to sit right on the hanger- it looks glorious on though- black pleated)

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that all of the items pictured above (minus the denim shirt in the top right photo) have been bought in the past month. My restraint around clothes… disappears completely. To be fair though, I’m set for winter now. I won’t buy anything else…

University is my time to take some fashion risks. I think the faux-suede leggings kind of have that covered.

Needless to say 100% of the attraction factor to the duffle coat was that it looks so like Oliver Tate’s in Submarine.

 From a sartorial point of view, university is a really interesting place to be. There’s a lot of variety in the way people dress, which for me is inspiring. Just about any style you could imagine here seems to be represented, from jeans-and-tees casual to preppy blouses and riding boots; mishmashes of this season’s trends to the Barbour-and-Hunters stereotype that St Andrews seems to be famed for, though it’s no more prevalent than any of the other styles I’ve mentioned. Hopefully I can glean some new ideas for my own wardrobe to help me on my quest for fashion adventure. Who knows what sorts of things I’ll be wearing come next year?    


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