Blood Pressures – The Kills

Originally written: 18th April 2011

I was thrilled to pick up a copy of Blood Pressures, the new album from The Kills. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince truly do make beautiful music together, and their latest offering is no exception. Words that spring to mind when I think about The Kills include edgy and hip, but without crossing into the realms of overblown and arrogant. The music has swagger, but it’s not showy about it.
Single ‘Satellite’ demonstrates well what the album is about. The same themes run all through ‘Blood Pressures’- raspy vocals; vague lyrics you know have some hidden meaning; that heavy, distorted guitar sound that no-one could fail but move to. All of these elements go into the formula that The Kills have honed over the years. They have truly perfected their brand of rock music: it has an old-school sound to it, but little is more innovative compared with the dominance of manufactured music today. The album has an economical air- simply voice, guitar, drums. Within this, the band experiment with a variety of tracks, from the slower, more ballad-y songs (Wild Charms, The Last Goodbye) to those that just make you want to dance (DNA, You Don’t Own the Road). Influences from rock and pop from the 60’s to the 80’s to more recently can  be heard throughout.

‘Blood Pressures’ is a welcome addition to The Kills’ catalogue, slotting in nicely beside their other works. The album promises all you’d expect from the band, but delivers beyond that.

Picks: Heart is a Beating Drum, Nail in My Coffin, The Last Goodbye, You Don’t Own the Road.


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